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Department of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management

Welcome to NTSU

Faculties and staff

Kao, Chin-Hsung, Professor and President, NTSU



Education: PhD, Indiana University, USA

Expertise:  Leisure and Recreation, Sport Management, Tourism Planning


Contact:  president@ntsu.edu.tw 

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Yeh, Kong-TingProfessor and Dean, College of Management



Education: PhD ,University of Northern Colorado, USA

Expertise:  Economics and sport industry management (focus on sport event management, sport facility management, and sport economic analysis)

Telephone: 8504

Contact: tingpower@gmail.com

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Huang, Yun-longAssociate Professor



Education: PhD, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Expertise:   Information Management

Telephone: 8551/8659

Contact:  cestmoihyl@gmail.com

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Lin, Wei-LiAssociate Professor



Education: PhD, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Expertise:  Professional sports,  Sports organizations,  Sport event operations

Telephone: 8602

Contact:  weililin@ntsu.edu.tw

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Moh, Chi-YungAssociate Professor



Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin, USA


Telephone: 8903

Contact:  cymoh@ntsu.edu.tw

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Wong, Jun-RenAssociate Professor



Education: PhD, National Taipei University, Taiwan

Expertise:  Strategic Marketing,  Service Management,  International Business Management

Telephone: 8658

Contact:  hamsen@ntsu.edu.tw

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Wu, Guanjang Head of Department



Education: PhD, Indiana University, USA

Expertise:  Leisure Behavior

Telephone: 8601

Contact:  guan@ntsu.edu.tw

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Ye, Yi-JinAssistant Professor



Education: PhD, Pennsylvania State University, USA


Telephone: 8660

Contact:  yijinye@gmail.com

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Chen, long-HongAssociate Professor


Education: PhD, National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan


Telephone: 8654

Contact:  fjudragon@ntsu.edu.tw

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  Chen, chen-yueh Professor


Education: PhD ,University of Northern Colorado, USA


Telephone: 8609

Contact: chenchenyueh@ntsu.edu.tw

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Wong, Jun-jieAssistant Professor



Education:  PhD, Indiana University, USA


Telephone: 8637


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Wong, kai-liAssistant Professor



EducationPhD, National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan


Telephone: 8610


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